Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And we're off!

Where to start...where to start...

Lets start on a good note. Because, while weddings are often crazy and make me want to consume lots of alcohol, they are generally beautiful things and should indeed be celebrated!

Before getting engaged, I was not too interested in a wedding. I wanted to go to the courthouse, get hitched, and then have a big ol' party with friends and family there. Nothing too formal or complicated, just a fun party. And I wasn't expecting the actual wedding ceremony part to be important - I didn't even want a ceremony.

This changed soon after we got engaged. The morning after our engagement, the Mister and I sat eating waffles and just smiling at each other. It was a nice calm moment where we let it sink in that, "Wow! After five and a half years, we are finally gonna go for it!" Then we called our parents and told them, told a few friends and that weekend announced it to my dad's family at our holiday party. The outpouring of support and offers for help and just general excitement made me finally understand what all those blog posts I had been reading were talking about - its important, dramatic, and changes the dynamic of your relationship to publicly declare love and commitment.

That was the beginning of my new found appreciation (and excitement for) our wedding!

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