Friday, February 26, 2010

Chemical Reactions

Before we get too far along, perhaps now is a good time to give a little info on why I chose the title "Me, Myself & Bride".

There was some crazy chemical reaction or something when I said a simple "Yes" to a simple question of "Will you". This chemical reaction turned me from a normal person...suddenly into a bride! I didn't know what this meant, but all of a sudden my life was consumed by wedding this and wedding that! and oh my gosh, so many things to do! The Knot told me that I was already late on 90 items of my 370 item to-do list! WTF!?

Whether I wanted it or not, I was slapped with the label of bride and all that goes with it. Advice and suggestions started pouring in. My schedule filled up with things to do. And I suddenly had a binder. A crazy (but awesome) wedding binder that came with me everywhere!

I can't say this was all involuntary. Parts of it were fun (like the binder...I LOVE organization! weeee!) and there are lots of aspects of the wedding that I was/am honestly excited for and anxious to start on.

So. One day I was me, myself and I.....the next, I had changed to be Me, Myself & Bride with a significant portion of my identity now wrapped up in getting married/having a wedding.

The other reason for the title is simply that I can be horribly indecisive - especially about things that are supposed to be "perfect!" for your "BIG day!" AAAHHH!!! So much pressure! And now its like having split personalities with a new "bride" persona in the mix. Me and myself aren't sure how to handle this new one. Hopefully they all learn to get along soon. We've got a ways to go.

Photo from Sara Björk

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