Monday, July 26, 2010

Story time!

Hey, slacker blogger here!*

Just stopping in to tell you a quick story that I can't believe I haven't told yet!

So a while back, I got this e-mail from another Jen who is also in her 20s, also lives in St. Paul, and just got married in June. Oh, and what? She happened to get married at the SAME VENUE! No way, huh? She saw one of my comments on a 2000 Dollar Wedding, checked out my blogville and noticed our many commonalities!

Not only was she nice enough to drop and e-mail and say hi, but she gave me advice about the venue, sent me photos of their ceremony set up, and shared her experience. Super helpful! We were both planning to have our ceremony in the same location in the lawn but she decided to change it slightly due to slope and lighting....which gives me the heads up that we might want to do the same!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Blog land, I love you. And to my kindred spirit, Jen, thanks for dropping me a line and giving such helpful info! We'll be in touch!

* and I'm going to really be a slacker blogger in the next month or so. My mental capacity is totally diminished right now and I just want to get shit done!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Winners and Dance Parties

TGIF for serious, folks! And its looking like a pretty bomb weekend with fireworks and roller coasters and water parks in my near future! I love me some good Minnesota fun!

But forget that biz for now, we got a giveaway to square up!

Thanks for all your comments and thanks for the patience with my super-casual-not-quite-planned giveaway. I just felt the spirit of blog land love move me and I was all "I wanna give you stuff!" and share the love and jazz. So. Now...with the help of a random number generator (thanks interwebz!) the winner is....*drum roll*....comment number 2!

Which translates to the winner being...Lisa of CraftMyBride!

*cue music* Come on down, Lisa! You've won whatever jazz I've decided to send your way!

And readers, if you haven't yet, check out CraftMyBride - do it! Not only is this gal super adorable in a way that just makes you want to interwebz hug her, she is super de dooper crafty and clever and is just chalk full of good vibes (and love for her dude) that just wafts off the screen. Love it! The world needs more good vibes!

So Lisa, e-mail me (memyselfandbride [at] and we'll get your prize off and on its way!

And since it is Friday, here is a tune that I just cannot stop playing. I am totally hooked on Janelle Monae and here is another great tune from her called Many Moons. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best conversation ever

I still have lots of dress stress that sometimes rears its ugly head in the shape of me beating myself up with a mental sledge hammer about buying a dress that wasn't totally me and not defending my right to feel gorgeous and like myself on my wedding day... but in those moments, my beau is amazing and always manages to say the right thing.

Here was our conversation yesterday:

Me: I'm so scared!
Super cute future hubby: Of what?
Me: That we'll do our 'first look' and you'll see me in my dress and you won't like it!
SCFH: Why wouldn't I like it?
Me: I dunno...
SCFH: But you are going to be in it! and I am going to marry you in it! and its going to be GREAT!
Me: *attacks his face with kisses*

(and last reminder to go enter to win!)

Is this mean?

Quick question to you, blog land:
When the party ends, who is doing the clean up for your wedding? And are you going to be there?

We were under the impression that, as the bride and groom, we get to leave when the party leaves and continue on to our after party at the bar. But my mama disagrees. When asked if she and my dad along with the mister's parents would do the cleanup and do the checkout with our venue, she got a little huffy, thinking it mean that we would bail out.

But I wanna bail out! I don't want to go running around in my wedding dress cleaning up!* And we are hoping that the tear down won't take long and won't be hard. That we can set it up so that whatever needs to go can just be chucked back into whatever box it came in and then loaded in the car.

So what do you think? Is it fair to ask that they clean up and we get to ditch out? or is that mean?

* and when I say cleaning up, I simply mean grabbing all our decorations and packing them in the cars. no scrubbing or vacuuming necessary

(and btw, go enter to win!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Type A What!?

You know things are getting good when you have lists of lists. And "make lists" is part of your to-do list! And your list of things to bring includes lists! OMG its MAdNEsS!

Naw, just kidding. Its not madness. Its pure bliss for this Type A gal! I see my lists and I breath a sigh of relief. With my list in hand, I won't forget something, everyone will know what they are supposed to be doing and when, and I will get shit done!

Here is my growing core of lists for The Wedding Day.
  • Timeline for the day
  • Things to Bring
  • What decorations go where
  • Day of Duties for all our helpers
  • Contact info for all relevant parties
Ahhh, so therapeutic! If lists are the saviors of my sanity, then right now the calendar is the devil. I avoid the calendar as much as possible! Getting ridiculously close to being in the same month as the wedding!? don't wanna know! don't talk to me about it! LALALALALA not listening!!


(oh. and go enter to win!)

One more day for giveaway!

I'll let this giveaway go for another day because only three of you have commented to enter so far! wtf? No one likes free things? Or do I have to be more specific about what kind of free things?

Ok, here are some hints about what the prize might be...
  • something I like
  • something I think you will like
Is that helpful? No? Too bad! Here you are trying to get free things and then demanding all sorts of information from me that I don't have! geuze.

So...I may not know what the giveaway is yet, but lets just say that's because there are so many cool options that I can't choose yet. Or I may survey you to find out which option would be the best for you because I don't want to just send you stuff and then you be all "oh...well, um...thanks? Its the thought that counts?" because that would be sad. Prizes shouldn't be wasted!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the Beginning!

Wanna hear how I met my future hubby? Well, as with many good/bad/ugly stories, it all starts with a frat house*...

So once upon I time I was going to college. Well, kinda. I had just moved into the dorms and was going to be starting college on Tuesday. But it was Friday, so we best go out! And our dorm just so happened to be on Frat Row so we thought we'd go see what all that hubbub was about. My roomie and I are walking along the row and realizing that we are not going to get in anywhere since we aren't showing off in short skirts and hot tops with lots of cleavage. :(

But as we are walking along we come along to a frat where my roomie thinks she knows someone. As we approach we see the dunk tank they have set up in the front yard and get asked if we wanna pay three bucks to throw three balls. "Naw," I say. "I'm broke. No cash on me!" "Oh," says frat boy 1. "Well, you could just go in the dunk tank instead!" "Yes," says I. "That sounds like a great idea!" So frat boy 1 points me in the direction of super cute frat boy** (aka future hubby) to borrow some shorts so I don't have to get mine all wet. In the dunk tank I go, get dunked a few times, then the next dude hops in. I give back shorts to super cute frat boy but don't really see him much that night.

Fast forward a week later and we go back to frat house to see dude that roomie knows. I don't see super cute frat boy...sad! So we are chit chatting and then I look and BAM! Super cute frat boy is back from work! ooh, super cute frat boy is indeed super cute. Somehow we end up talking and I find out that super cute frat boy is also super nice and super down to earth and super outdoorsey! We talk, talk, talk and my roomie ends up drinking way too much and passing out in other frat boys room (no skeez involved here luckily!) I tell future hubby that I should go but that I will see him in the morning when I come to pick up passed out roomie. He says that I should just stay since it is already early morning. I ignore good judgment and say ok. So future hubby and I stay up talking until way early in the morning until future hubby then has to get up and go to work!

I go back to my dorm...spinning from a great night but not sure what to think about this. I JUST got to college! WTF!? Oh, and he is shorter than me (which isn't hard to do when I'm around six feet tall!) and I thought I'd never date anyone shorter than me. But when I told roomie that she said, "That's ok! Hes not taller than me! I'll take him!" and then I got all bristly and laid dibs on future hubby cute frat boy. Done deal.

That's our story and now super cute frat boy will become my super cute hubby in 39 days! eeeek!!!

*We love to laugh about this since neither of us fit in with frat culture at all. So two people who are so well matched to each other met in a place that suited neither of them!
**Future hubby doesn't really like it when I call him a frat boy (...sorry, baby! Does it make it better if its proceeded by 'super cute'?) He pretty much stayed there for the cheap rent. Other than that, the frats deserve most every stereotype given to them.

Reminder: go over here to win something sa-weeet!

Image from FotoRita

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shower Recap

Afternoon, ladies and gents!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was a jam packed one over here in Minnesoooota! We got our best dudes their wedding duds, saw Inception (awesome!!!), went to my shower, celebrated a birthday, had some crazy storms that flooded the streets of Minneapolis, went river tubing, and then woke up very tired on this Monday morning! Phew! I need a break from my weekends.

I've been getting a lot of questions about my shower and just people asking how it went. All I can manage is to say "good!", but I feel like they want more. So after a few seconds of them staring at me I usually break and say, "Um...well, it was very showerlike! We played some games, ate some food and then everyone watched me open presents." That still doesn't seem to be an adequate answer but that is all I got!

Maybe I just feel a little awkward about being the center of attention...especially when all that means is that everyone is watching me open presents. Presents that I've already picked out, are not really going to be a surprise, and are kitchen/house stuff (which means cool but not "OMG NO WAY!" kinda cool). Presents that I feel awkward for asking for and then more awkward for opening at a party just for me. It feels super selfish and all memememememe!

I think that's the interesting part of these showers. I've done all I can to reduce the burden of gift giving for people - I've suggested gift alternatives and theme alternatives that would demand very little financially from people. I've suggested to my in-laws that the other shower doesn't even take place. But it seems that people really want to throw showers. And traditional ones with all the gifts at that! I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. Gifts are sweet! and we are going to be high tech in our house because of all of them! But why is it that all these other people want to have these things regardless of how I've tried to tone it down?

Anyway, I did have a bunch of fun at the shower and I love my aunts to death for putting on such a nice little party for me. I was honestly just a bunch of smiles that day but halfway through opening presents I thought my face my break because I was smiling so much. At that point I had to transition from smiling full on to a really quick smile only when necessary. Otherwise my face was just too tired and ended up with a creepy half assed looking smile on. and thats no good. no good at all.

Oh, and reminder! Go comment to enter the giveaway! I swear I won't send you something stupid!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Diddy

I was driving along yesterday, scanning the radio and then KAPOW! Beats where like bambambam and TI was rapping and then I was dancing my ridiculous white girl dance in the car.

And the video isn't full of naked people, so I can officially like this song now! yay! Way too many songs are ruined by skeezy lyrics and even worse videos.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm excited for my shower tomorrow and some fun birthday action this weekend with one of my ladies of honor! Oh, and don't forget to comment for the giveaway!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So today's post is my 75th post on Me, Myself and Bride! Wowza!

When I started this blog, it was really just for me (selfish, jerk!) and keeping track of what was going on in my head. A weird sort of journal where I just happen to publish it online and share it with anyone who comes across it! And at the time I had this reassuring feeling that no one would come across I just wrote!

Anyway, now I have some lovely blog stalkers who make up an amazing community that constantly surprises me. Seriously, this is an online community that seems to be totally void of douche bags and just full of awesomeness! Great ideas are always being passed around, great advice being offered, help given, and just a general uplifting of everyone involved.

It makes me actually feel a little bit better about the times we live in that something like this can exist!

With all those warm fuzzies taken care of, I'd like to do something today...


In celebration of me not being a total lazy ass slacker and actually making it to 75 posts (I was gonna wait till 100 posts because that's a nice number, but I may show my true lazy ass slacker self before then and just vanish! :) kidding! I won't! but I couldn't wait!), I'd like to give a little gift to someone in the community. As of yet, I'm not sure what this gift might be. I have a few ideas in mind...but it is a work in progress and may partially depend on who wins!

So you wanna win, right? Because I guarantee I'll make the prize worthwhile. Ok, heres how to win... First, pat your head and rub your belly at the same time...and then spin in a few circles...and then share this blog with everyone you know...and then name your first born child after me...ok, no really. To be entered simply leave a comment and tell me about some wedding magic. Has wedding magic happened to you? Is there some wedding magic you are hoping for? And if you don't have or don't want wedding magic, just tell me something nice. (because the world can always use more compliments!) I'll select the winner at random.

I'll let this run until next week - so submit your official entry by then!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SO busy! but heres a ramble about photos!

I am so blown right now! Like, I can hardly do anything at work because my brain is so full of other stuff! Just went to a wedding over the weekend, got our engagement photos done, going to check out flowers today, my second dress fitting tomorrow, my first shower this Saturday (yay!), friends birthday also on Saturday/Sunday, and amongst this trying to be productive and checking things off our list. (damn that list! damn it to hell!)

I am not made for being so busy and am generally more on the lazy side of life. So I'm totally bamboozled by my schedule at the moment!

So for today's post, I simply have a ramble about our e-session and photographer:

To begin: engagement photos were so fun! and I'm so glad we did them! It was great to get to know our photographer (awesome) and also to kinda get used to being photographed. It helped that, for our first shoot location, we choose the busiest place ever to get over our photo nerves...the sunday farmer's market on Lyndale in Minneapolis!

Both of us love food and are committed to eating as sustainably as we can - so the farmer's market was a good fit for us. Also, I just thought there would be some fun, unique shots to be had there! So we walked around, browsed food, and actually did some shopping!

I'm super excited to see our photos! I try not to think about it otherwise I get all giddy...but she said they probably won't be ready for two weeks or so since she is out of town this week.

Oh, and this 'she' is Chelsey Marie of Chelsey Marie Photography! And now that I think about it, I can't believe I haven't talked about her! Maybe cuz I was holding my breath and not wanting to jinx it....which I still kinda am. We haven't seen the photos yet...but I just am feeling so happy with her already that I can't wait!

Once upon a time I was shopping for photographers. And holy crap are there a lot of them. A lot of really great photographers with amazing portfolios that just made me drool all over myself. But holy crap are they expensive. There was one, a couple with their own photo biz, who I just adored. Kage Imagery - check em out! Awesome photos and they seem like super awesome people! I really wished I could afford them...but alas, I'm a cheap ass. I had been in communications with them previously, and so when I finally gave in to the fact that I was a cheap ass I told them very nicely that I love their stuff, wished we could work together...but I'm a cheap ass. Then I asked if they had any recommendations of photographers to fit my cheap ass budget. They sent me two names - one of which was Chelsey Marie Photography.

Chelsey was exactly what I was hoping for! Someone with some great photos in her portfolio but just starting her own biz. We were actually the first wedding she ever booked under her own biz! This all means that we get an AMAZING deal that includes the works! Gah! (I guess I have gotten some wedding magic, because I feel super lucky to have found her and nabbed her while she is cheap! I guarantee that her prices will start to climb sooner than later.)

So I can't wait to see our photos! And if you haven't noticed yet...I've been keeping this blog mostly anonymous and haven't really shown full photos of us. Dunno why...just have. But I may just get super excited with our photos and not be able to hide our real identities any longer! We'll see.... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wow - what a weekend!

OMG, kids! This last weekend was crazy! I was in a wedding on both Friday and Saturday were non stop wedding stuff. Then I got my hair cut on Sunday and then we went and did our engagement photos and then I wanted to zonk like Sleeping Beauty and not wake up for a million hours.

So many thoughts to talk about! So little brain energy to do it! But I do want to try and share some things today, let you know I'm still alive, and I still love you all!

The wedding on Saturday was that of my college roomate. It was big, traditional, and Catholic. There were all the standard traditions of a wedding - papa walked her down the aisle, she threw a bouquet, did the dollar dance, cut the cake, wore a white dress, did traditional vows, played all the usual suspect songs, etc etc and so on. And it was beautiful!

Their families are wonderful and even though I barely new anyone at the wedding, I felt very welcomed by everyone! People danced all night long. The couple took every chance they had to attack each other with their tongues. Everyone was smiling and laughing all night!

So in the end, it is completely true what we keep telling ourselves: the attitude is what matters most. Their love shone through and their family and friends made the day the wonderful day that it was. I didn't notice any major unique aspects that were there to tell me who the couple really was. I did not see their personality through the centerpieces. or whatever. But it didn't matter in the end. It was a beautiful wedding for two beautiful people!

But there were some things that I noticed and would like to share:
  • Surround yourself with positive people the day of. I noticed a few people trying to make a big deal out of things that were not a big deal. The bride was nice and chill but a lot of other people were not. One flower in our bouquets was wilting and dropping out of the bouquet. Yeah, not the greatest thing ever. But no biggie. They were going to make it down the aisle and that's all we needed. But a few people were making a point to complain about it and try to paint it as this horrible thing that was happening. We all have friends or family who are a bit drama prone... buffer yourself from these people as much as possible!
  • Even at this Catholic wedding, there was some serious tonging going on. Don't be too obnoxious, but don't be too shy! This is probably one of the few times when PDA is actually encouraged by other people - take advantage of it.
  • Its hard to wait. We had lots of time where the bride was just waiting. While other people had their hair done, waiting for photography time, waiting for the ceremony to start... and it drove her crazy! That was the only point where I saw her anxiety show. Take this into account and give yourself distractions, limit waiting time, mingle before the ceremony or whatever!
Those are my wedding tidbits for now!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Slow Dance and 50 days!

Happy Friday!
I'm gonna be quick in and out today. But I wanted to bring you a good slow dance song. I love the lyrics and think this song is adorable. Plus, what a cute video!

Its First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Peace all! Have a good weekend!

I'm hoping to have some good stories to bring back. Tomorrow I am in a friends wedding - the first I've been to since planning our own! - and then on Sunday we have our engagement session! WOO!

It busy busy around here as we count down! Did you know that our wedding is 50 days away!? FIFTY! That is SO SOON! And I'm definitely stressing. I had a wicked wedding worry nightmare last night, so that was exciting.

Ok, I'm gonna go before this short post turns into a weird and long ramble.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Stealth mode, ladies and gents!

Because I've found it.

The mother ship. The heart of the beast! The source of ridiculousness!


What geniuses they are. Choosing a crappy run down building in St. Paul posing as a government building. I would never have suspected! But as we were applying for our marriage license, I spotted them!

So heres the plan! We all get a bunch of ski masks and stink bombs and tacky wedding bell decorations and cheap tafetta and homemade dresses and and non matching colors and cupcakes (since those are soooo two years ago) and when they are least expecting it... WE ATTACK!!!


We'll turn WIC headquarters into Tacky McTackerton Central! They'll never recover! Not even Queen Bee M. Stew will be able to coordinate the mess we give em!


(And in other news, I need more sleep.)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Favorite

I almost forgot about a song for today! How could I!

So if you are putting together a playlist for your DIY dance party, chances are your main concern is about having a good mix that will get all the variety of guests dancing. Its a tricky thing to do!

I've got lots of pop and hip hop...but I'm guessing a lot of our older guests are not gonna get excited when Missy Elliot starts bumping. (Their loss!) But then, when I go to pull some songs for those guests....I just end up with lots of Frank Sinatra and Van Morrison. Don't get me wrong, those fellas got some great stuff! But there is only so much of them that I can play!

Well, I found a good comprimise: covers! yay! So I've been checking out covers of some of my favorite old school tunes and I think this is a great way to keep some of the classic songs in there (how many weddings have you been at without Sinatra? huh? none? yeah, me too) while also keeping it maybe a little bit fresher.

The favorite one I found, and the one I have for you today, is a cover of The Way You Look Tonight by Maroon 5. Still the same song, but a little fresher!

Happy Friday all!
Now, go celebrate your independence this weekend by blowing sh*t up, drinking lots, and getting burnt in the sun! WOOO! God bless Amurrica!!!

My decision gone wrong

Yesterday's post was a bit cryptic and left a few of your wondering. I've mulled it over in my mind a lot, have arrived at a good place, and can better share it today. So here goes!

I regret buying my dress.

I was rushed in the process and just went for the best option I had which happened to look nothing like the dress I was hoping for. Its long. Its big. Its bridal. I wanted short, simple, and fun. I wanted the dress that, when I showed it to my will be in-laws their first reaction was "thats not a wedding dress"! Not quite what I wanted to hear, but I suppose it was true - I didn't want a wedding dress. I wanted a dress to wear to my wedding. Big difference in my book.

So after being rushed into buying a dress, I was immediately consumed with dress stress. It involved crying, nightmares, many talks, many back and forth fretting... it was icky. I really tried to love my dress. Everyone told me how great it looks on me. Blah blah blah. But when its not me, its not me and there is no compliment big enough to change that.

Through all this, I knew in my heart of hearts that this dress wasn't "my" dress. And all the stressing over it and berating myself for buying in the first place just made me start resenting my dress. It made me feel dread for the wedding day when I'd have to put it on and I'd walk out and everyone would look at me. Because you know there is always that one big moment at a wedding where everyone is thinking the same thing: what does the dress look like? I came up with the plan to mingle before our ceremony to both reduce my stress and reduce that big reveal moment.

Anyway, all this to say that I don't really like my dress. It doesn't sing to me. I'm not excited to wear it.

Bummer, huh?

Well, here I am two months before our wedding and no magic has happened where a great alternate dress has fallen out of the sky for me. I've lazily looked for an alternate, but to no avail. So where does that leave me? With the dress I have. Until some magic happens.

The way I'm looking at it now is this: I have a dress that people are going to ooh and aah over. I'll look great. I just may not feel like the totally me bride I wanna feel like. Whatever. Its a dress. Its a day. And my mister loves me. So I'm going to suck it up and wear the damn thing.

I will be keeping an eye open for an alternate dress, but I'm not going to stress myself out about it. Hardcore, desperate searches for a new dress only make me resent my dress more. So I'm going to stick with what I have unless I happen to come across something better. I'm going to let the universe's mojo flow. Maybe the universe will be kind to me and send me something pretty or maybe it won't. Either way, I'm letting it go.

I don't have my dream dress and I'm fully admitting that I made a bad decision to buy my dress. But whatever. It sucks but perhaps in the end it won't matter all that much.

So. That's my decision gone wrong: the dress! Thanks for listening, blog land!

Image via Brit.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What do with with a wedding decision gone wrong?

I was going to write a post on this today...and then I realized I shouldn't. I have a wedding decision gone wrong, but I am not sure yet what exactly I'm going to do about it! So instead of me saying blah blah thoughts blah blah ramble, this is more of an open discussion.

  • Have you made a decision for your wedding that you regret?
  • What (if anything) have you or are you going to do about it?
  • General advice?

Note: There are a ton of decisions that I fret over. But only one where I know I should have done something different and want to change it. Possibly more to come on this in the future.