Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SO busy! but heres a ramble about photos!

I am so blown right now! Like, I can hardly do anything at work because my brain is so full of other stuff! Just went to a wedding over the weekend, got our engagement photos done, going to check out flowers today, my second dress fitting tomorrow, my first shower this Saturday (yay!), friends birthday also on Saturday/Sunday, and amongst this trying to be productive and checking things off our list. (damn that list! damn it to hell!)

I am not made for being so busy and am generally more on the lazy side of life. So I'm totally bamboozled by my schedule at the moment!

So for today's post, I simply have a ramble about our e-session and photographer:

To begin: engagement photos were so fun! and I'm so glad we did them! It was great to get to know our photographer (awesome) and also to kinda get used to being photographed. It helped that, for our first shoot location, we choose the busiest place ever to get over our photo nerves...the sunday farmer's market on Lyndale in Minneapolis!

Both of us love food and are committed to eating as sustainably as we can - so the farmer's market was a good fit for us. Also, I just thought there would be some fun, unique shots to be had there! So we walked around, browsed food, and actually did some shopping!

I'm super excited to see our photos! I try not to think about it otherwise I get all giddy...but she said they probably won't be ready for two weeks or so since she is out of town this week.

Oh, and this 'she' is Chelsey Marie of Chelsey Marie Photography! And now that I think about it, I can't believe I haven't talked about her! Maybe cuz I was holding my breath and not wanting to jinx it....which I still kinda am. We haven't seen the photos yet...but I just am feeling so happy with her already that I can't wait!

Once upon a time I was shopping for photographers. And holy crap are there a lot of them. A lot of really great photographers with amazing portfolios that just made me drool all over myself. But holy crap are they expensive. There was one, a couple with their own photo biz, who I just adored. Kage Imagery - check em out! Awesome photos and they seem like super awesome people! I really wished I could afford them...but alas, I'm a cheap ass. I had been in communications with them previously, and so when I finally gave in to the fact that I was a cheap ass I told them very nicely that I love their stuff, wished we could work together...but I'm a cheap ass. Then I asked if they had any recommendations of photographers to fit my cheap ass budget. They sent me two names - one of which was Chelsey Marie Photography.

Chelsey was exactly what I was hoping for! Someone with some great photos in her portfolio but just starting her own biz. We were actually the first wedding she ever booked under her own biz! This all means that we get an AMAZING deal that includes the works! Gah! (I guess I have gotten some wedding magic, because I feel super lucky to have found her and nabbed her while she is cheap! I guarantee that her prices will start to climb sooner than later.)

So I can't wait to see our photos! And if you haven't noticed yet...I've been keeping this blog mostly anonymous and haven't really shown full photos of us. Dunno why...just have. But I may just get super excited with our photos and not be able to hide our real identities any longer! We'll see.... :)


  1. I'm glad you had fun at your engagement shoot! The reasons you gave for having one (getting to know your photographer and getting comfortable being photographed) are totally legitimate, but Collin and I don't have those excuses because our photographer is a close friend and we take pictures with him all. the. time. We're still going to do it, though, because it is fun!

    My blog isn't really anonymous in that our full names can easily be deduced, but I haven't put up pictures of us. I keep trying to bite the bullet on posting photos, but it is hard. What if blog friends decide they don't like the look of me?! If you decide to stay hidden, I understand, but if you decide to share I can't wait to see your pics!

  2. Ooh fun! I love the idea of a farmers' market shoot - I think you could get some really beautiful shots browsing the yumminess and being all cuddly!

    Our e-pic session is this Sunday and I'm so nervous. We chose a park for our first location that has a carousel, mini golf, milk shake stand...I'm hoping we'll have so much fun (and plenty of other people running around) that we'll be cool with kissing on camera with a stranger. Ha!

  3. I know you are busy, so I will not make this long...


    That is all.

    And if you don't publish the photos, you can surely email me one ;) Kidding. Totally kidding.

    Keep hacking away at that list! We're almost theeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a busy but fun time. I'm so happy for you about the engagement photos. It's great to spend time with a photographer before hand and connect with them. If you decide to share the pics when they are ready, I'll be excited!

  5. That sounded like a really fun shoot - can't wait to see the pics. Also, the way in which you found your photog is sheer genius!

  6. up to you but I really want to see the pics! I bet they are fabulous!

    good luck with everything going on! have an awesome time at your shower!

    (lots of !!!!!'s hahaha)