Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the Beginning!

Wanna hear how I met my future hubby? Well, as with many good/bad/ugly stories, it all starts with a frat house*...

So once upon I time I was going to college. Well, kinda. I had just moved into the dorms and was going to be starting college on Tuesday. But it was Friday, so we best go out! And our dorm just so happened to be on Frat Row so we thought we'd go see what all that hubbub was about. My roomie and I are walking along the row and realizing that we are not going to get in anywhere since we aren't showing off in short skirts and hot tops with lots of cleavage. :(

But as we are walking along we come along to a frat where my roomie thinks she knows someone. As we approach we see the dunk tank they have set up in the front yard and get asked if we wanna pay three bucks to throw three balls. "Naw," I say. "I'm broke. No cash on me!" "Oh," says frat boy 1. "Well, you could just go in the dunk tank instead!" "Yes," says I. "That sounds like a great idea!" So frat boy 1 points me in the direction of super cute frat boy** (aka future hubby) to borrow some shorts so I don't have to get mine all wet. In the dunk tank I go, get dunked a few times, then the next dude hops in. I give back shorts to super cute frat boy but don't really see him much that night.

Fast forward a week later and we go back to frat house to see dude that roomie knows. I don't see super cute frat boy...sad! So we are chit chatting and then I look and BAM! Super cute frat boy is back from work! ooh, super cute frat boy is indeed super cute. Somehow we end up talking and I find out that super cute frat boy is also super nice and super down to earth and super outdoorsey! We talk, talk, talk and my roomie ends up drinking way too much and passing out in other frat boys room (no skeez involved here luckily!) I tell future hubby that I should go but that I will see him in the morning when I come to pick up passed out roomie. He says that I should just stay since it is already early morning. I ignore good judgment and say ok. So future hubby and I stay up talking until way early in the morning until future hubby then has to get up and go to work!

I go back to my dorm...spinning from a great night but not sure what to think about this. I JUST got to college! WTF!? Oh, and he is shorter than me (which isn't hard to do when I'm around six feet tall!) and I thought I'd never date anyone shorter than me. But when I told roomie that she said, "That's ok! Hes not taller than me! I'll take him!" and then I got all bristly and laid dibs on future hubby cute frat boy. Done deal.

That's our story and now super cute frat boy will become my super cute hubby in 39 days! eeeek!!!

*We love to laugh about this since neither of us fit in with frat culture at all. So two people who are so well matched to each other met in a place that suited neither of them!
**Future hubby doesn't really like it when I call him a frat boy (...sorry, baby! Does it make it better if its proceeded by 'super cute'?) He pretty much stayed there for the cheap rent. Other than that, the frats deserve most every stereotype given to them.

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  1. 39 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds even crazier when you say something like, "I'm getting married next month." WHOAAAA!

    Just think, he'll graduate from super cute fiance to super cute husband in 39 days. Awesome.

  2. Love reading how we met stories! Love that you CALLED DIBS! Love how many times you said "super cute" in this entry!