Thursday, July 15, 2010


So today's post is my 75th post on Me, Myself and Bride! Wowza!

When I started this blog, it was really just for me (selfish, jerk!) and keeping track of what was going on in my head. A weird sort of journal where I just happen to publish it online and share it with anyone who comes across it! And at the time I had this reassuring feeling that no one would come across I just wrote!

Anyway, now I have some lovely blog stalkers who make up an amazing community that constantly surprises me. Seriously, this is an online community that seems to be totally void of douche bags and just full of awesomeness! Great ideas are always being passed around, great advice being offered, help given, and just a general uplifting of everyone involved.

It makes me actually feel a little bit better about the times we live in that something like this can exist!

With all those warm fuzzies taken care of, I'd like to do something today...


In celebration of me not being a total lazy ass slacker and actually making it to 75 posts (I was gonna wait till 100 posts because that's a nice number, but I may show my true lazy ass slacker self before then and just vanish! :) kidding! I won't! but I couldn't wait!), I'd like to give a little gift to someone in the community. As of yet, I'm not sure what this gift might be. I have a few ideas in mind...but it is a work in progress and may partially depend on who wins!

So you wanna win, right? Because I guarantee I'll make the prize worthwhile. Ok, heres how to win... First, pat your head and rub your belly at the same time...and then spin in a few circles...and then share this blog with everyone you know...and then name your first born child after me...ok, no really. To be entered simply leave a comment and tell me about some wedding magic. Has wedding magic happened to you? Is there some wedding magic you are hoping for? And if you don't have or don't want wedding magic, just tell me something nice. (because the world can always use more compliments!) I'll select the winner at random.

I'll let this run until next week - so submit your official entry by then!



  1. 75th post! WOWZERZ!!! And a giveaway!!! DOUBLE WOWZZERZ!

    Wedding magic for me came in the form of some wonderful Etsy finds, my dress, and most certainly the blog scene. It's magical every god damn day!

    Seriously, glad you're here. Glad we "met." And I am looking forward to this blogger meetup soon! One day! Sometime!

  2. "Seriously, this is an online community that seems to be totally void of douche bags and just full of awesomeness!"

    ha ha ha I love it! it is so true!

  3. Congrats on the 75th post! Isn't it crazy how fast it grows :)

    Our wedding magic came in the form of all of our friends and family. After struggling for a few months to figure out what our wedding was going "to be", we finally had to admit that even though we could have saved/afforded a larger bigger production wedding late in 2011, it just wasn't for us. That's when the 40 person, brunch reception intimate wedding this December came into play. Then came the very difficult part of relating this decision to the 80 or so people that would have been on a bigger list, but unfortunately we can't put on the 40 person only list. And the magic? The overwhelming support and love we have gotten from everyone! We've had friends offer to set up the ceremony location even tho they're not attending. We've had people tell us they "applaud us" for being true to ourselves (and our bank accounts). We've had people tell us they'll throw us a little shindig at their house to celebrate with them.

    It's been unbelievable to see how amazing our community is and it really gives me faith in what we can expect from everyone as we move forward together building our little family :)

  4. I didn't enter but I just haven't been feeling the magic recently - unless you count 7 trips to Staples in 4 days as magic (yes, 7 separate trips). None of it was Staples fault.

    Our invites (once finally printed) turned out awesome. They're folded and have stamps on them and today (my 7th trip to Staples) will result in some address labels that DO NOT smear when touched (hopefully). Yay for magical non-smearing address labels!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I bet it will be super neato!


  5. Wah wah - and I'm having trouble editing apparently.

    "I didn't enter because..."

  6. You're so sweet to extend the giveaway, I'd forgotten that I hadn't commented on this post to enter. So one big piece of wedding magic I've been given is the mother of a good friend of mine from work offering to serve as my planning consultant from afar and as my weekend-of coordinator. It's not like I grew up with her daughter or anything, I've just met her a few times and we've gotten along really well but still, it's so generous and sweet of her and really helpful as well.

  7. I had some wedding magic occur recently: See, I found my dream gown in the most unexpected place... (for me at least) a bridal show. They gave me a killer deal that I couldn't refuse. But I left the show with many doubts..."Had I acted too fast?" etc. A few months passed & I finally had enough money to get the dress ordered. I hit up the boutique this past weekend, slipped her on, & instantly felt MAGIC! I danced around the fitting room like a little girl. Oh so dreamy, she's absolutely perfect! I made the right choice...

  8. Oh crap, did I make it in time????? I sure hope so.

    I have some wedding magic to share; or rather, more of a unique family story. The father of a good friend of mine just passed away, too soon, very sadly. Her father and mother met when they were very young, got married, then got divorced. They both married other people, and lost touch for many, many years. They didn't have any kids with their second partners, each got divorced from them, reconnected with each other, got married again... and adopted my friend. This time the marriage stuck and they were a loving family. It took them a long time to realize they had chosen the right person all along - it had just been too soon.

    Cheers to your blog and to your giveaway!