Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Slow Dance and 50 days!

Happy Friday!
I'm gonna be quick in and out today. But I wanted to bring you a good slow dance song. I love the lyrics and think this song is adorable. Plus, what a cute video!

Its First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Peace all! Have a good weekend!

I'm hoping to have some good stories to bring back. Tomorrow I am in a friends wedding - the first I've been to since planning our own! - and then on Sunday we have our engagement session! WOO!

It busy busy around here as we count down! Did you know that our wedding is 50 days away!? FIFTY! That is SO SOON! And I'm definitely stressing. I had a wicked wedding worry nightmare last night, so that was exciting.

Ok, I'm gonna go before this short post turns into a weird and long ramble.



  1. Bah, I loved Bright Eyes for so long. This song and "Lover I don't have to love," ironically...are the only two left that I listen to on a regular basis. Thanks for the reminder! In 50 days, your wedding is gonna be rock'n.

  2. josh used to play this song all the time when we were first engaged. it's amazing.

  3. Oh I love that song. It just makes me smile and smile.

  4. i realize its a little late to wish you a good weekend! I hope you HAD a great one :)