Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best conversation ever

I still have lots of dress stress that sometimes rears its ugly head in the shape of me beating myself up with a mental sledge hammer about buying a dress that wasn't totally me and not defending my right to feel gorgeous and like myself on my wedding day... but in those moments, my beau is amazing and always manages to say the right thing.

Here was our conversation yesterday:

Me: I'm so scared!
Super cute future hubby: Of what?
Me: That we'll do our 'first look' and you'll see me in my dress and you won't like it!
SCFH: Why wouldn't I like it?
Me: I dunno...
SCFH: But you are going to be in it! and I am going to marry you in it! and its going to be GREAT!
Me: *attacks his face with kisses*

(and last reminder to go enter to win!)


  1. Aww that response is more perfect than you could've even dreamed up yourself!

  2. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did, I have worried about this too (the boy's tastes are MUCH more traditional than mine) and I was always worried that he would take one look at me and think Oh I hate that dress. But I've convinced myself at this point that there is no way in the world that they will think anything other than how much they love you and how excited they are to be marrying you. I'm sure he will be so overcome with emotion about you becoming his wife, the dress will be an afterthought, though I'm sure you'll look completely smashing!