Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Favorite

I almost forgot about a song for today! How could I!

So if you are putting together a playlist for your DIY dance party, chances are your main concern is about having a good mix that will get all the variety of guests dancing. Its a tricky thing to do!

I've got lots of pop and hip hop...but I'm guessing a lot of our older guests are not gonna get excited when Missy Elliot starts bumping. (Their loss!) But then, when I go to pull some songs for those guests....I just end up with lots of Frank Sinatra and Van Morrison. Don't get me wrong, those fellas got some great stuff! But there is only so much of them that I can play!

Well, I found a good comprimise: covers! yay! So I've been checking out covers of some of my favorite old school tunes and I think this is a great way to keep some of the classic songs in there (how many weddings have you been at without Sinatra? huh? none? yeah, me too) while also keeping it maybe a little bit fresher.

The favorite one I found, and the one I have for you today, is a cover of The Way You Look Tonight by Maroon 5. Still the same song, but a little fresher!

Happy Friday all!
Now, go celebrate your independence this weekend by blowing sh*t up, drinking lots, and getting burnt in the sun! WOOO! God bless Amurrica!!!


  1. That is an excellent cover! I tell Isaiah ALL the time that I think Missy Elliot is my favorite dance music of all time. You MIGHT be interested in checking out some good Puerto Rican salsa music? We're definitely going to have a lot at our wedding, and it's pretty universal because 1/2 the time it's instrumental and it's really beautiful sounding! Check it out, let me know what you think!

    I just heard a WICKED version of The Pink Panther done Puerto Rican salsa style! It was so cool!

  2. Covers are my favorite. I love the Obadiah Parker cover of "Hey Ya" and the All American Reject's cover of "Womanizer." Yours is fabulous too!

  3. I hope the older guests suprise you and do get excited for missy :)

  4. Oh I love that cover! Thank you for sharing.

  5. This was the song I danced to with my Dad at our wedding (the Sinatra version - but I love this one too!)