Friday, July 23, 2010

Winners and Dance Parties

TGIF for serious, folks! And its looking like a pretty bomb weekend with fireworks and roller coasters and water parks in my near future! I love me some good Minnesota fun!

But forget that biz for now, we got a giveaway to square up!

Thanks for all your comments and thanks for the patience with my super-casual-not-quite-planned giveaway. I just felt the spirit of blog land love move me and I was all "I wanna give you stuff!" and share the love and jazz. So. Now...with the help of a random number generator (thanks interwebz!) the winner is....*drum roll*....comment number 2!

Which translates to the winner being...Lisa of CraftMyBride!

*cue music* Come on down, Lisa! You've won whatever jazz I've decided to send your way!

And readers, if you haven't yet, check out CraftMyBride - do it! Not only is this gal super adorable in a way that just makes you want to interwebz hug her, she is super de dooper crafty and clever and is just chalk full of good vibes (and love for her dude) that just wafts off the screen. Love it! The world needs more good vibes!

So Lisa, e-mail me (memyselfandbride [at] and we'll get your prize off and on its way!

And since it is Friday, here is a tune that I just cannot stop playing. I am totally hooked on Janelle Monae and here is another great tune from her called Many Moons. Enjoy!


  1. neat! I am going to email you! I am so jazzed!

  2. Yea Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are a Trifecta of August bride love up in this piece!

    And Jen, you got Josh hooked on Janelle Monae. We can't stop listening to Tight Rope!