Monday, July 26, 2010

Story time!

Hey, slacker blogger here!*

Just stopping in to tell you a quick story that I can't believe I haven't told yet!

So a while back, I got this e-mail from another Jen who is also in her 20s, also lives in St. Paul, and just got married in June. Oh, and what? She happened to get married at the SAME VENUE! No way, huh? She saw one of my comments on a 2000 Dollar Wedding, checked out my blogville and noticed our many commonalities!

Not only was she nice enough to drop and e-mail and say hi, but she gave me advice about the venue, sent me photos of their ceremony set up, and shared her experience. Super helpful! We were both planning to have our ceremony in the same location in the lawn but she decided to change it slightly due to slope and lighting....which gives me the heads up that we might want to do the same!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Blog land, I love you. And to my kindred spirit, Jen, thanks for dropping me a line and giving such helpful info! We'll be in touch!

* and I'm going to really be a slacker blogger in the next month or so. My mental capacity is totally diminished right now and I just want to get shit done!


  1. Haha! How awesome! Wedding blog land wins again!

  2. I salute you for being a sporadic blogger. Seriously. I put all this pressure on myself to blog every weekday, and honestly, it's a lot of freaking work. I need to take a break sometimes.

  3. blog land is certainly a lovely place to be :)

  4. small world, right!?! ha. best of luck in your planning!