Monday, August 2, 2010

Mish and Mash

August. Is. Here. Holy goodness we are in our wedding month! Crunch time, baby! Time to tighten the knots and get ready for this ship to sail! I feel like I'm back in college and its finals time. I'm super excited for summer (aka honeymoon and married life) but there is this big thing in the way that is sucking up all my attention. And while I can't wait for it to be here I'm just trying to stall time so that I get all my biz done! Luckily I'm awesome at cramming...but unluckily I'm a horrible procrastinator. I'm trying so heavily not to procrastinate! I really, really want that week before the wedding to do very little, check on loose ends, and just mentally prepare.

Since it is August, it means that our August 1st "RSVP by date has passed and we still have a bunch of guests who did not RSVP! wtf? Did any of you deal with this? How do you gently but firmly harass the people you didn't hear from?

Other random thought... I looked at one of our registries the other day because I was going to take an item off (my parents just put an addition on their house and my mom is going crazy and getting rid of everything and buying new everything it seems. Which is fine by me because we get first dibs on all their awesome stuff! And they just gave us this set of I was going to take the glasses we registered for off. but anyway...) and sooo much of our registry has been bought up! Its crazy!

And I feel kinda silly for being so excited. We registered for stuff because we know a lot of guests really like to give tangible gifts. But at the same time, I feel weird accepting so many gifts! And to see all the stuff that has been bought is kinda overwhelming and makes me feel really nice and special and grateful for our generous family!

So this is what a wedding is all about. Warm fuzzies and love! :)


  1. AUGUST!!!!!!!!! I hope your tackling that list and even if you're not, I hope you are just too damn excited to get married! I know I am!

    And for the folks who didn't RSVP: facebook, email, phone calls. Hunt. Them. Down. :D

  2. i harassed people at my sister in laws bridal shower. ha ha ha is that wrong?

    also, jen what is your exact date? just curious...

  3. Wooooooo! Exciting!

    Everybody likes getting presents :)

  4. @Angie - I am dominating that list! Its feeling so good to check this off and not even look back at them. Done and out of mind!

    @Lisa - August 28th is the mondo day! and yours is coming super soon, too, yeah? the 15th? I have both you and Angie on my calendar! :)

    @Miss C - It sounds weird, but I had no idea how fun getting wedding presents would be. its like normal presents, which are awesome...and then add some love and thoughtfulness and its double awesome!