Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its all in your head.

I had a really weird day this past weekend. It was Sunday, the Stagette Weekend Extraordinare was done, I was just a wee bit hungover and could feel my mushy brain moving along at a putzy, putzy pace. Me and my darling future hubby hung out together just high on love. We also talked about our respective experiences with our Stag Weekends.

One thing that we both noted was how many compliments we get as a couple. We have been told by a friend that we are his role model for what a good couple should be. A friend told me how much she loved the way we look at each other and that "Its like he falls in love every time he looks at you." (totally made me tear up!) And another friend, who is a skeptic of love, told my mister how great it is to watch a couple work so well together.

These things are so amazing to hear! I feel good in our relationship (obviously...since we are getting married!) but sometimes you are so in it that you forget how lucky you are! This was a nice reminder to step back and appreciate the amazing guy that I somehow managed to find and that I somehow managed to dupe into loving me! ;)


  1. Oh my gosh that is super sweet! I am tearing up across the internet and it isn't even about me!

  2. *Swoon*. It's always nice to be reminded how lucky you are.

  3. TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    you're so close jen! you and super cute fiance are almost there!

  4. What AMAZING compliments! They just confirm that you guys are great together.