Monday, August 9, 2010

Stag Weekend


Its Monday morning after a long weekend and I feel zonked! So I'm going to let my fingers fly and give you a recap of my bustling Stagette Weekend!

Friday - My two ladies of honor stole me away, we went out to dinner, roamed an art fair and then had a girls night with drinks, snacks, and a cheezy wedding movie. Perfect, fun, bonding night!

Saturday - I woke up early (8:00 is totally early on a weekend!) to make it to a special appointment I had then made it back to my house to meet everyone for the start of our Stag Party Weekend!

First thing on our schedule: guns! Both the guys and the gals groups went to a gun club just north of the Twin Cities and had an awesome time! The owner of the gun club was so excited to have women there that the gave us member prices, deals on ammo and a personal lesson! I was pretty nervous to shoot and had never really shot anything before, but the people at the gun club were very nice and welcoming. So they took us out to do trap shooting and I thought there was no way I was going to get this little flying disc in the air! But lo and behold, they told me I was "a natural!" and out of the five guys and five girls that we had shooting, I had the highest score with a 19 out of 25 on my second round! BAM!

From guns, we all then went to grill out and socialize for dinner. It was great that all the ladies and the guys were hanging out and getting to know each other. We have a wide variety of people that we hang out with, and it was fun to see them mix!

After the grilling, the guys and gals split up for our respective bar crawls. We both stuck to the more mellow side of the Twin Cities and did St. Paul crawls. Patios, Irish bars, and a super crowded dance floor! I was proud because I managed a nice steady buzz for the night with limited shots (which are my downfall). When the ladies who were staying over came back to the house, we finished off with a refreshing run through the rain storm, greasy pizza and the few minutes of a movie that we managed to watch before all zonking out!


Thanks to my lovely ladies who set it up and did a wonderful job! I couldn't ask for better friends and am so happy to have them standing up for me at the wedding!



  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend. I've never heard of going shooting for a stagette party — so original! Glad to hear your friends did such a good job!

  2. awww yay! sounds fantastic! i love a weekend with a good mix of relaxation, yummy food, good people and partying!

    less than 3 weeks away, jen!

  3. sounds exhausting and very fun! a gun range?! how crazy! congrats on the high score! Now get some rest, you're getting married soon :)

  4. Totally a blast of a weekend, I love the guns being a part of your weekends! Perfect!