Monday, July 12, 2010

Wow - what a weekend!

OMG, kids! This last weekend was crazy! I was in a wedding on both Friday and Saturday were non stop wedding stuff. Then I got my hair cut on Sunday and then we went and did our engagement photos and then I wanted to zonk like Sleeping Beauty and not wake up for a million hours.

So many thoughts to talk about! So little brain energy to do it! But I do want to try and share some things today, let you know I'm still alive, and I still love you all!

The wedding on Saturday was that of my college roomate. It was big, traditional, and Catholic. There were all the standard traditions of a wedding - papa walked her down the aisle, she threw a bouquet, did the dollar dance, cut the cake, wore a white dress, did traditional vows, played all the usual suspect songs, etc etc and so on. And it was beautiful!

Their families are wonderful and even though I barely new anyone at the wedding, I felt very welcomed by everyone! People danced all night long. The couple took every chance they had to attack each other with their tongues. Everyone was smiling and laughing all night!

So in the end, it is completely true what we keep telling ourselves: the attitude is what matters most. Their love shone through and their family and friends made the day the wonderful day that it was. I didn't notice any major unique aspects that were there to tell me who the couple really was. I did not see their personality through the centerpieces. or whatever. But it didn't matter in the end. It was a beautiful wedding for two beautiful people!

But there were some things that I noticed and would like to share:
  • Surround yourself with positive people the day of. I noticed a few people trying to make a big deal out of things that were not a big deal. The bride was nice and chill but a lot of other people were not. One flower in our bouquets was wilting and dropping out of the bouquet. Yeah, not the greatest thing ever. But no biggie. They were going to make it down the aisle and that's all we needed. But a few people were making a point to complain about it and try to paint it as this horrible thing that was happening. We all have friends or family who are a bit drama prone... buffer yourself from these people as much as possible!
  • Even at this Catholic wedding, there was some serious tonging going on. Don't be too obnoxious, but don't be too shy! This is probably one of the few times when PDA is actually encouraged by other people - take advantage of it.
  • Its hard to wait. We had lots of time where the bride was just waiting. While other people had their hair done, waiting for photography time, waiting for the ceremony to start... and it drove her crazy! That was the only point where I saw her anxiety show. Take this into account and give yourself distractions, limit waiting time, mingle before the ceremony or whatever!
Those are my wedding tidbits for now!



  1. I think that even if they did do the personal details... nobody except the bride and other people planning their wedding would have noticed anyway!

    I'm glad they had such a good time!

  2. Glad you had a great time! I think going to a wedding while planning your own allows you to see things in a different light. And it's kind of nice.

    You look past the color schemes, the flowers, the tradition and you let yourself feel what the day is about- so beautiful.

    Glad you had fun! And I wanna see that haircute of yours!

  3. its so funny all of us had weddings to attend recently! i think you made a key point with 'surround yourself with positive people'. I think I will do this on a day to day basis :)