Friday, March 5, 2010

No, really...I don't care

There are areas of wedding planning that I think are really fun, pretty, exciting, meaningful, etc etc. There are areas of wedding planning that I think are horrible (favors. screw favors.) and want to avoid all together. And then there are areas in between where I just don't really care. I don't care much what our centerpieces look like. I don't really care what the ladies standing up for me wear. And it has surprised me that I don't really care about the cake. As long as it makes it to my mouth and is tasting good, I'm happy!

But this doesn't work so well in wedding planning. And I'm getting frustrated with the expectations of me to be this all knowing bride who has everything figured out and knows what she wants and can make snappy decisions on demand!

Now, I know that I do need to make these decisions because they are mine to make. My mister generally cares less than me and defers to my opinion on most things wedding. I need to be the captain and the anchor of this wedding and make solid decisions, but sometimes I don't know what I want or just haven't seen an option that I really like. So in the meantime I sit on my hands and when asked about these topics shrug and say, "I dunno! I'll get to that later!"

Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

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