Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Wedding: Food!

As we stepped into wedding planning, we put together a list of things that were important to us. One of the biggies was using local, organic and seasonal food if and where possible. We knew this was going to cost us more, but when we are spending thousands on one day, we wanted to spend on our money on vendors and food that we felt good about.

Enter our caterer: Josephs Catering in Minneapolis.

Josephs was the first caterer we met with - and the only. Screw that business that you have to talk to at least x amount of vendors before choosing one. We liked them, felt good with them and went with them. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I didn't feel it was worth the trouble and time to do a million vendor interviews when we found one who seems to be a match!

We were so happy to find a caterer who truly seems to be committed to running a sustainable business. They only use dinnerware and try to reduce waste as much as possible and maximize recycling. They use local, organic and seasonal foods as much as possible and the chef often shops at the local farmers markets. And one of our favorite part is their food recycling program. All the leftovers that are suitable for people are given to a home for adults with disabilities. The leftovers that are no longer suitable for people are given to a local pork farmer - which is also where they get their pork.

As a business they are also great to work with. They are willing to work with us to get our choice of local wine and beer, to create a menu that fits our wedding, and to get the most out of our money without nickel and diming us. We may be paying a bit more than we had hoped, but in the end I think we are getting a lot for the price and that it will be well worth it.

We both feel good about this decision and are checking it off our list and not looking back.


  1. food is MAJOR. nice to get that out of the way, isn't it?

  2. that's awesome about your caterer. we felt the same way. we wanted the food to be great, but also in line with our beliefs, so we ended up with a caterer who uses local, seasonable and organic (when possible) food...i have almost two months to go, so hopefully, it's good!