Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Wedding: The Partiers

I thought I'd throw out some info on our wedding since so far its just been me bitchin' about wedding stuff. There will still be lots of venting, but I want to write more about the good as well as just the basics.

So one of the first basics we covered party!

Choosing our wedding party was pretty easy since we were going for simple and just two people each. The Mister has two brothers and wanted them to stand with him (and totally avoids any hurt feelings. There is no arguing with family.) and I have two friends who I want to support me on that day. But then, just because things were going so smoothly and trouble free, we had wanted to come up with titles other than "bridesmaids" and "groomsmen". For one, I would have had a "maid of honor" and a "matron of honor" since she is married...and can I just say, eew? Who wants to be the "matron" even if it is "of honor"! It sounds like a boring grandma is standing up for me.

We threw around lots of ideas.... There is the "Bridal Brigade" as told on A Practical Wedding. They were our 'special people' for a while. I thought about giving them each individual titles or calling them my "Sisters from other Misters". But in the end, we end up just calling them by name (revolutionary!) and saying pooey to titles. Our program will say "Standing up for Jen and the mister are Bob, Billy, Betty, and Bo." Done and done.

Any other titles or options people have used?

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