Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dress

Oh my! I was just informed that my dress is in! I was expecting it in May but now its here! EEEEK! I feel very nervous to see it and try it on again. What if I don't like it? What if it turns out not to be "the one"? That mythical, magical dress that sweeps me off my feet and turns me from a frog into a Princess with glass slippers?

Ok, mostly joking! I know there is not the perfect "one" dress just like there isn't the "one" perfect man for me and just like our wedding isn't going to be perfect. This isn't the Matrix and there isn't the One anything.

But. I did have my heart set on a dress and this dress is not it. I settled. I settled for the dress under $500 instead of shelling out $1,500 for the dress that really sang to me. Am I going to be happy with that decision? I can't tell, and I'm nervous to find out.

I have been doing lots of thinking about how to make the best of my little lovely dress. Because it is a lovely dress and it looks great on me. Its just very....bridal. Which is not what I was going for. I had really wanted a short, fun, white dress but never found anything in my price range. My dress is full length, strapless, made out of taffeta and ruschy all over the place in a subtle fit 'n flare style. Its a great dress but I need to do a little something to ensure that I feel like ME in it. I don't want to feel like The Bride. I want to feel like me...who just happens to be getting married.

To make it feel more like me I'm going to chop off the train and maybe use that extra fabric to make a jumbo taffeta flower that will sit on my hip. Or thats my only idea so far.

Any other ideas on how to take a dress and spice it up? Add some flair? Take the bridal level down a notch and turn up the fun?

Note: I suppose I'll share a link to the dress so you can see it! To the boy, DON'T PEAK! Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but I wanna savor that moment when you see me and get that dumbfounded look on your face! That's my favorite!


  1. Using the extra fabric from the train for details on the dress is a great idea. It will make your dress yours and unique!

    Also, I don't know how far along you are with accessory selection, or what your accessory budget is; but shoes, headpiece, jewelry, maybe a wrap, all these things can help you feel like you're not settling for anything.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I think accessories can do a lot to help make it mine and there are so many possibilities! Guess this means I have to go to Etsy and start the search! *sigh* life is so hard. ;)

  3. Also that dress is hot!

  4. maybe a heart of light belt just under the bust line?
    can you have it altered to a tea length and add some pretty tulle/crinoline underneath?

    it's pretty!

  5. What!? How did I never think to have a dress shortened?!?! *headdesk* Epic fail on my part. I'll have to see if it would work with the slight trumpet of my dress, but great idea!