Monday, March 15, 2010


Before getting engaged, I will say that I was a bit against weddings. I wanted to avoid all the drama and just have a big, fun party. Since getting engaged, I’ve changed my tune a bit and our big, fun party is looking more and more like a wedding. And that’s fine. In essence it’s still a big, fun party, but I’ve learned that there are a lot of great parts of weddings and I am excited to include these parts!

My favorite part so far has been that of community. We’ve had people offering help and services like I never expected. I’ve gotten to hang out with my aunts and cousin all to brainstorm and craft for the wedding. Sometimes I feel apologetic for taking up their time, but in the end I know that they love helping out and applying their skills and knowledge to our wedding. And it is so much fun to be in the center of this outpouring of help, love, and creativity!

It’s bonding time that I can’t imagine happening in any other way at this moment in my life (I’m sure having a baby could be similar but that is way, way far away), and I feel as though I’m going through a right of passage. The other weekend I was sitting at a table with my mom and two of my aunts. Mom had her wedding album out and the three of them were sharing wedding memories. It was fun to hear about their favorite parts, the mishaps, and their perspectives from each others weddings. And to feel excited for our wedding so that we could add to this shared experience and group memory.

It makes me hopeful that all this time, energy, and money will be well spent.

Image from maz hewitt


  1. i can't agree more. i was anti-wedding, but as soon as we got engaged, i realized how truly happy and excited for us all of our friends and family were, and it just changed my outlook.