Monday, October 4, 2010

What do I do with this thing now?

At first I thought I hated my dress and would want to send it far, far away after the wedding (preferably for a price so that I could hate myself less for buying something so horrible). Then I altered it and fell in love with it and thought I'd want to hang on to it forever. Now that the deed is done...I feel like I'd be ok letting go of my Darling dress. (Especially if it went to the Sisterhood!) But I'm not quite sure.

Sell it?
Give it away?
Tuck it in the cedar chest with my mama's dress?
Use it to be a zombie bride on the Zombie Pub crawl?

What are you doing with your dress after the wedding?



    but the sisterhood is always a good idea. please excuse my enthusiasm.

  2. Agreed with Angie! Love the Zombie Pub Crawl idea! The sisterhood, giving away and what not are all noble ideas..but you might want a small portion of that money back to start out your lives and what not - depends on what kind of financial situation you're in. It's a beautiful dress!

  3. i would have said keep it until i saw zombie pub crawl as an option. clearly that is the only sensible solution

  4. Only problem with the zombie pub crawl is that I would expect the dress to get wrecked with blood and muck and brain goo. And that's just not very cool with me. Not when someone else could put it to better use.

    So I'll have to work on finding it a home soon...

  5. my mom insisted on getting it "preserved" and then gave me a huge box that i have no room for in my apartment and said don't put it in an attic or a basement. ugh! it makes me sad that it's just sitting there in a box, so i'd be all for putting it to better use.