Friday, April 9, 2010

Mama Dearest

Mama "We should have a lot of color. The room is so big and white that it needs a lot!"

Me "Yes! I'm all about loads of color!"

Mama "Which color is going to be your main color?"

Me "Um...all of them?"

Mama "You need to pick one main color and then accent with your other colors."

Me "No, I like all of them and I can't pick just one!"

Mama "You are already pushing it having three wedding colors."

Me, frowning and shaking head, "Speaking of that...I think we should have more. I want them ALL!"

Mama's turn to frown and shake head.

(Bless my mama. She takes some time to nudge out of tradition, but in the end she always supports me in what I want to do.)


  1. Love it! Do what will make you happy. That's what's important in the end.

    P.s. Found you via One Cat Per Person who is showing you the link love today.

  2. LOL people and their wedding "needs"

  3. Thanks, Mrs T!

    My grandmother planned my mom's ubertraditional wedding back in the early 80s. (My parents already eloped in high school and a church wedding was the LAST thing they wanted.) She hated it. I can tell my mom is trying very hard to leave her out her input, but sometimes she just can't help it. But yes, bless our mama's!