Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Wedding: Accessories!

After finally dealing will all the dress stress and insanity inside my bridal brain, I've got my dress...now its time for accessories! YAY!

Now I gotta say that this whole 'fashion' thing is not really my realm. About 90% of the time in the summer you can find me in some comfy as hell capris and a tank top, and a simple necklace is as fancy as I get within the accessories world. I pretty much wear one pair of shoes as long as I can until they are worn through with holes and then my mom (still) yells at me that I should go get a new pair. And that new pair will probably look a lot like the last... just saying that me and fashion are not best buds who stay up late chatting on the phone and sharing all our secrets. Me and fashion are more like next door neighbors who wave at each other each morning, talk about the weather, and then carry on with our day.

That said, I am pretty excited to accessorize with my dress! This is where I wanna take that piece of big bridalness and tone it down. Less formal! More fun! WEEE!

Necklace: Right now, I've got two great contenders for this - thank you, Etsy!

Exhibit A: This is the top runner by far. Its simple and you can't get much more classic than a string of pearls. But its got that color and that POW and you can't get much more 'me' than a nice bright green! I think I'm going to introduce this one to the dress and see if they get along.

Exhibit B: Runner up is this simple beaut. Something I'd wear over and over with a nice touch of color. Not quite the same POW but still pretty. Who knows, maybe my dress is an attention hog and won't want to share? Then this little guy could be the subtle touch I'd need.

Hair Piece: No way, no how is a veil going to go on my head, so I turned to the wonderful Meg at A Practical Wedding and her What to Wear on Your Head While You Wed posts. There are so many great options, but I hear the big side-o-head flowers or feathery fascinators calling my name.

Exhibit A: Is a light, cute, simple option. I like the size, that there are two, and their little pearly centers.
Exhibit B: Is a fun flower of a good size that would look great plopped on the side of my head! I think I'd add some frenchie bird cage netting to this to be oh so chic - maybe the netting could be on during the ceremony and off for the reception. This (the big ol' flower in my hair) was the original plan and the one I'm still learning towards. I'm chopping of my dress' train and could use the fabric to make a nice flower with some pizaz.
Exhibit C: Va va voom! What a sexy little feathery piece with some bling going on! I love the shape of these fascinators (the seller has a bunch of purty ones) and these could also be great with some birdcage nettting. The price is a bit high but I'm thinking maybe I can make something like this relatively easily, too. Oh the options!

Phew! That's all I got for today. Shoes are my next big adventure since I'm kinda a picky shoe shopper. I am looking for flat flat, cute, colorful sandals that are nice enough to wear to my wedding but still comfy as can be. Luckily for me flats seem to be 'in' this season. *crosses fingers*



  1. i love the green pearls!

    and feathers. if your wedding is fancier, i'd go with white feathers... but some brown and white ones would look gorgeous and woodsy with that green strand

  2. I am the same way... fashion isn't really my area. Let's just say I just superglued the sole back onto my favorite and only pair of black flats. Wait, so it that unfashionable or cheap? Maybe both.

    Anyways, looks like you've got some choosin' to do! I was gonna go for the green beads, but I think the second necklace is so simple and pretty. I think it would be a great accent to the strapless top of your dress (creepy, I remember that). I think it would really soften the entire look.

    And girl, I am loving me some big flowers, too! Whoever said they're out of style can suck my big toe. I'd have to say the headpiece is a very tough choice. But my vote goes with the feathers. Va-va-room is right!