Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Day: A few favorite moments

  • Smiling like an idiot during our ceremony
  • Looking out to the crowd and seeing my dad totally tearing up
  • All the toasts from our loved ones that made me smile, laugh and cry
  • Dancing with my hubby with everyone watching but feeling like we were the only people there
  • Dancing with my dad and him saying how proud he was of me
  • Seeing so many amazing people all in one place to celebrate with us
  • Staying out with friends till bar close and getting more precious moments with people I don't often see


  1. sigh. this is what I needed to read today. sounds so full of love.

  2. hooray! so excited for you!!!! smiling like an idiot was my favorite part too :)

  3. these little snippets are exactly what we work so hard for when we plan our weddings.

    these are wonderful moments to have. :)

  4. ohhh yay! nothing better than bullet points of happiness!