Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now what?

The wedding is over and my bride brain is slowly starting to fade away (Though I still have that knee jerk reaction a lot and keep thinking "oh! I could use that for x,y,z" or "That's a cute DIY project!" But alas, no more wedding projects for me.) So now comes the inevitable question around these parts... what next? What do I do here is bloggy world when I am no longer a bride to be?

Talk about married life as Me, Myself and Wife? Go back to being my normal, neurotic self and morph this space into randomville as Me, Myself and I? Or finish my bridal bit and than fade into the interwebs?

Do you care about my everyday biz? About the explosion of thoughts that go into my head and come out as incoherent messes? Should I end every sentence in this post with a question mark?

Well, we got some more time because I do have more recaps coming, but just putting the question out there. What are you interested in hearing about?

Here are a few of the things rattling around in my mind at the moment that may be making some post appearances:
  • We want to move west. Specifically to a place with a ski mountain.
  • What do I want to do with my career? Which direction to go, how to become something that sort of resembles a 'professional', goals, etc.
  • Health. I've been doing pretty good in the health realm and am looking at doing a lot of things. We'd like to do more climbing. I am addicted to spin class. I want to try yoga for the strength, balance, and spirituality. And I've been poking around at the possibility of a triathlon next spring/summer... (Me, Myself and the Tri?)
  • Books! My brain needs some new wrinkles. It has been full of white fluffy stuff for the last eight months! I need something more substantial to sink my gray matter into! (Any good recommendations?)
  • Making friends. This is way harder than I think it should be! But a lot of my friends have moved around or we've grown apart and I miss having those bonding times with the ladies! Where are my Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha?
  • Food! I loves it and I miss it and I want more! I'm specifically interested in baking. More specifically I'm on a quest to recreate this chocolate torte thingy that we had that totally blew my mind.
Way too many things going on in my head. All of them fighting. None of them getting processed appropriately. *sigh* Back to normal life!




    so vibing on this right now.

  2. keep writing! I will keep reading! especially if its about books and food! also, me myself and tri is adorable! i take your ? and raise you a !

    also, I am reading 'packing for mars' by mary roach. very recommended

  3. I would definitely read any thoughts you have rattling around in your brain. I'm definitely on board with you continuing to blog.

    On the making friends — I totally hear you on that. Somehow after undergraduate school it suddenly became really hard to make friends. It seems like everyone already has their group and there's no room for one more. For all the relocating I've done, I never seem to get any better at the making friends process.

  4. mwahaha, be careful what you wish for, ladies! because you might just get it!!! ;)

    and can we have a sleepover party? a big girl sleepover party with booze? please!?

  5. I love the "normal" as much as the "wedding"! I'm all for all 6 of your bullet points! We too are dying to move west (specifically where there is an ocean involved tho, not so much the ski mountain :)
    And so much more as you've pointed out in those bullets! Keep it coming!

    And as for books - I've been on a bit of a tear lately and could probably make recs but not sure what you are into. I loved all of the Larsson books (Girl with dragon tattoo...) and just read The Hunger Games which I loved. Currently reading Skeletons on the Zahara - true story about American sailors who wrecked on coast of Africa in the 1800s and were enslaved, etc.

  6. We drove to the mountains for our honeymoon and had to seriously drag ourselves back home. It involved talks of quitting school and becoming ski bums, but our 5 year plan is to move to the Rockies. Damn responsibilities.

    Have you read Born To Run or A Short History of Nearly Everything. I'm not a runner or a history buff but I loved them both and I'm pretty sure I gained a few more brain wrinkles.

  7. I've heard of Born To Run - that looks like a good read! I think I'll have to go get that!

  8. DEFINITELY keep writing. You've got a cult-following now, Jen, don't you know? Jeez...

  9. Um yes to the sleepover and yes to the booze!

  10. Do not fade into the interwebs. I want all the things you mentioned above. Interested in all of it.

    And did someone mention sleep over party??

  11. OK, I'm a little late here, but it's Michelle from the APW meetup. I found your site through Ms. Bunny's blog through Petite Chablis, Cupcake Wedding, and APW... it's incredibly complicated.

    My wedding blog never really got off the ground, so there's not much for me to continue. But you definitely should, because I have to go back and catch up on what you've already written.

    My husband and I also have dreams of moving west (Portland. Or Hawaii) but it won't happen for another two years. And I also am looking for more friends. I am lucky to have a few college friends and co-worker friends nearby, but I've never made friends on my own.