Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PS I'm Sorry

I was looking at my last blog post (since most of the time I type something up, post it, and don't actual read what I wrote until much later....hence the spelling issues that oftin occur) and I realized that it included the phrase "I can tell you that none of it was like I expected". And then I realized that my two weeks ago past self would have punched my current married self.

Because when planning a wedding you are trying to expect EVERYTHING! So WTF, Jen!? It was nothing like you expected!? NOT what a bride wants to hear!

I'm partially a liar...because a lot of it was like I expected. We did, after all, have a tasting with our caterer and that exact meal did show up at the wedding...so I was expecting the mushroom ravioli. There were some aspects that I had no expectations for...like the ceremony. I had no way to anticipate what that would be like. So it was not like expected.

And the other thing is that I might be kinda slow. Because I was surprised how nice some people were and how...not nice some people were. Not that anyone was mean, just that some people weren't particularly nice. Like I thought that since it was a wedding that meant everyone would be the bestest, smileyest version of themselves. So yeah, call me silli willi.

Anyway. just wanted to come say sorry for including that mean, mean phrase. If you are still planning, don't worry. It will all go according to plan and everything will be just like expected. If you have reached the other side...sshhhhh, don't tell!


  1. I've got a bit of mindset that lots of things probably won't go according to plan and I think that probably makes me a bit lazy about figuring out some things..."eh, we'll be married at the end of the day, how bad could it be if we don't ____" is probably not a crutch I should be relying on. Blissful ignorance works better in many different ways :)

  2. You are too funny. I totally think I get what you mean though. I'm kind of "slow" myself, so I'm expecting to be totally surprised by unexpected things the day of — not plannable things, just things you can't really imagine till you feel them things.

  3. weddings certainly bring out the best (and worst) of people. Hopefully the niceness of the nice people can atleast temporarily overpower the bad ones