Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Freak Out!

Ahhhhh, freak out! Its friday, baby! Lets get our weekend on! And I hope all of you get to enjoy a long weekend with memorial day!

What am I going to be doing? Enjoying an early summer in MN with some biking, boating and sun bathing. mmm, yes! I heart summer hardcore! Nothing wedding related is planned and nothing wedding related is going to happen. Maybe my brain can follow along and take a wedding break.

Here with some awesome grooves and some awesome moves, I have !!! or Chk Chk Chk or whatever they are going by with Heart of Hearts. This song just makes me wanna dance! And ski. Since I found this song off the latest TGR ski video, Re:Session. (omg, I know I just got done talking about how awesome summer is, but I get a little lady-in-the-boat hardon watching these ski videos. So amazing!)

Enjoy the song and enjoy your weekend!


  1. woot woot friday dance party!
    Enjoy your wedding-less break! It'll be nice to get away from all the lace, eh?

    [p.s. that site is, really easy to make]