Friday, May 14, 2010

Music Makes You Lose Control

Last night I went through our entire music selection for HOURS to put together our preliminary playlists (more to come on this later). Phew! So much groovin and movin! Note: Its really hard to stay focused through so many bomb dance tracks!

I don't got much to say today, but I do want to share this...

I must learn some of those dance moves. So spunky!

*I was only a munchkin when this came out. So while I know the song...the video and dance moves are new and wonderful to me! I never knew what I was missing!** Have mercy on me while I go back in time and enjoy something many of you were aware of all this time!

**I have also discovered the Beatles in the last few years. They really do have some good stuff!


  1. I LOVE this song.
    My cousins and I used to mess around with my mom while she was cooking, pretending we were gonna slap her butt and sing "can't touch this" sounds really weird now...

    Anywayssss...I love the songs "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock and "Groovers in the Heart" by Dee Lite if you want some of the same energy...

    Those dance moves are bitchin...just play it over and over and keep trying like a dork at home. You'll figure out something close enough haha.

    There's a Jim Gaffigan bit where he talks about finding a movie like 6 years too late..."Hey, I just saw Heat!" "Heat? I saw that 6 years ago..."

    There's too much to see, hear and do...who cares that you found this stuff late. the great part is: You found it. :)

  2. Haha! Takes me back.

    I'd like to add one of my old school favorites- E.U.'s "Da Butt." I think I was four-years-old when it was on heavy radio play, but that's my jam.

  3. keep me in mind after your wedding! i'd love to feature it and the playlist you come up with :):)