Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Wedding: Rings!!!

I'm so excited! We went to the jewelers on Friday and got our wedding bands!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Mine is going to be a plain band* that matches my engagement ring, and the mister got this sweet band that has a hammered texture down the middle and with smooth borders. Like this:
Buying our rings felt like a really great step towards finally be MARRIED! I can't wait! And seeing that ring on his finger when he tried it on just made me beam. Not that I need to lay claim to my man or anything, but that ring just makes me think "DIBS!" Really official dibs! Hes mine and I couldn't be luckier!

Yay for wedding highs!

*Apparently they don't really do plain bands anymore. We went in once and they only had three plain wedding bands for women. Three! wtf!? And none of these three matched the non-rounded/non-domed shape of my engagement ring, so the lady recommended we come back this past weekend because a bunch of vendors were going to be there so the selection would be better. We went back and this time they had five. double wtf!?


  1. Yay for wedding high's indeed!

    Love the hammered look of that band!

  2. You should post a picture of your rings as well, I've been leaning more and more towards plain bands myself.

  3. @Kwu - I'm pretty sure this is my engagement ring - - with an oval diamond in it. They didn't have any bands to match the non-domed shape of it. Or non without diamonds at least. I'm just not that flashy and even feel a little too flashy with the one diamond in my engagement ring! So they are custom making a plain band to match my ring. (which surprisingly wasn't too expensive!)

  4. Rings do make it feel real for some reason!