Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh bugger

I had to order my dress in a size up because my hips were just a teeny bit big for the size that otherwise fit me perfectly. So dress was jumbo on me! Like...boobs would fall out all over the place if I didn't hold it up. Not good.

But it led to a fun little joke at work where I would snack on all goodies brought in (which there are a TON of! Thursdays are specifically donut days but there seems to be some sort of cake, cookies, breads, or other nummy treats all the time! Its great/horrible.) and as I walked out of the main office with a jumbo slice of choco cake goodness I'd say, "Well, gotta fit into my dress!" They thought it was great and were soon encouraging me and pushing all the num nums on me and saying, "We're just helping to make sure you'll fit into your dress!" It was great and delicious fun!

But now its all ruined. I had my dress fitting last Friday and so the dress will actually stay up and not make all the guests gasp. No more eating cake without guilt. Now I'll just have to deal with that guilt. Bummer.


  1. Sounds good while it lasted! Reminds me of an old episode of How I Met Your Mother. The bride actually spent the days before the wedding stuffing her face to make sure he dress didn't fall off of her.

    And love the new banner btw!

  2. Ooo, I like the new banner too. What a lovely change the usual food deprivation/'who eats the least and therefore exhibits the most self-denial' game.

  3. Have you seen the show How I Met Your Mother when Lily is too skinny for her dress? Hilarious, check it out.

    Oh woops, just saw Angie already said something about it. haha.

    Glad the dress fits now!