Friday, May 7, 2010

Fridays Rock My Socks

I'm so happy to see Friday. Work has been crazy. A rainy MN day is making me want to go back to bed hardcore. And the wedding is weighing me down. I have a mondo to-do list that I haven't even looked at in ages and don't quite know where to start on. I feel in a good place as far as the wedding, but right now I just want it to be here so we can get this marriage show on the road!

Hence my less than thoughtful posts of late. Shoes! Necklaces! Rings! And yesterday, a very successful first dress fitting with an adorable little lady who is possibly two feet shorter than me and who I am so happy to give my dress to to make it go from giant white sack to slim and trim beauty! (Oh, and by the way...I introduced the dress to green pearl necklace. They are unsure about each other but could be great friends once they get acquainted better. I also introduced the dress to these metallic sandals that I picked up. WOAH. They HATE each other and had to be separated immediately lest some fighting break out! It was terrible.)

So instead of thoughtful wedding land critiques or insights, I'm jumping on board with posting on non wedding real person stuff.

Non wedding things happening in my life:
- Trying to navigate an awesome job where I have been for almost two years now but just got the hang of a few months back. It was a new position when I came in where I am the one person communications team for a department at the University. Aka so much to do and so little time.
- Planning for marriage. What will that mean for us? At the moment we are not a fully integrated couple. We are still two individuals with lots of stake in each other, but I'm looking forward to joining together more in our finances, planning, car ownership, insurance, and all the good stuff!
- Wanting to MOVE. We've both lived in MN our entire lives and have wanted to move out west since I graduated college a couple of years back. An awesome job got in the way (yeah, rough, I know) and then the engagement/wedding came and put off our moving plans. As soon as thats done, I want to GO, get some new scenery, some mountains, and awesome skiing!
- When we move, I have no idea what sort of direction I want to aim my career in.
- Getting in shape. Trying to figure out a lifestyle that I can keep up and that will keep my healthy. Less lazy butt. More buns o' steel!
- I wanna cook and bake more. Which might conflict with the above...
- Enjoying summer! I can't frickin wait for Minnesota to get in gear and summer to come! Summer grilling, boating, laying in sun, biking on all of the awesome bike trails in the Twin Cities, canoe trips down the river, river tubing, weekends at the cabin, AAHH!!! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

(I'm going to push this rainy, gloomy day away are just stare at this picture all day, dreaming about summer. This is from a past canoe trip down the gorgeous St. Croix River.)

Whats going on in your non-wedding life? Here's hoping this Friday rocks all of your socks as well. Peace!

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  1. What an awesome post! Sorry to hear the sandals didn't get along with the dress. But I'm sure the necklace and dress will be BFF's for life. And when you introduce the necklace to some of your other outfits, they will love it to. p.s. I love personifying everything.

    I can't wait to enjoy summer either. August isn't too far away, my friend!