Tuesday, June 29, 2010

60 days away!

Woah, kiddos! Our wedding is only 60 days away! Time is just cruising away! And there is so much left to do! I really do need to kick in gear and get some stuff done... so here is my To Do List for the next week or so.
  • Finish making the pom pom garlands (and write a DIY post about it!)
  • Get my hair cut and talk with the lady about styling the day of. (I'm not going to have any styling done per se - just washed, blown out, and made delicious with all their nummy aveda products! mmmm....aveda....)
  • Decide what is going to hang from our tree limb where the ceremony is taking place and buy any necessary items (lanterns, ribbon, etc)
  • Buy fabrics and material to make my flower for on the dress and in my hair
  • Do trial run of flower making
  • Visit the flower supplier and pick out flowers. place order? (totally leaning on my aunt here. I have no idea what to do with flowers!)
  • Add more music to our playlists
  • Work on writing our ceremony more
Ok, I'll stop there before I get overwhelmed! Because instead of being more productive when there is a ton to do, I get overwhelmed and shut down. No good!

At least there is a long weekend coming up where we can get some stuff done but also have some free time to relax and play in the (hopefully) sunshine! This pasty Minnesotan needs some vitamin D hardcore!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm Aveda indeed. I'm doing the same on my wedding day — wash and blow out at an Aveda salon.

    Take the list in chunks so you don't get overwhelmed. I like to budget a few things a day and then I feel very productive if I get all that was planned for that day done. If it's just a running list, I feel like I'm not making as much progress.

  2. 60 days! time is going by so quick! as for the tree limbs, I have seen some cute ideas using ribbon and hanging frames from trees.

    good luck with everything! I am in super list making mode right now too!

  3. Aveda is yummy! Love that minty deliciousness. 60 days will fly by and you'll have everything all done, no worries! It's gonna be rad.

  4. I second Ms. Bunny. I pull chunks from our long list and put them into a smaller list for the week. Sometimes the list is in my Gmail, other times it's in my head. Either way, it gets done!

    Keep knocking these things out and looking forward to your flower garland post! :)

    60 days! 60 days! 60 days!

  5. You are doing great! At 60 days I didn't even have a dress! Crazy.