Monday, June 14, 2010

Invites? Check!

They are IN! Printed, done and beautiful!

Many thanks to my wonderful, designer cousin who was our friendor for these (or "cousinor"? "cousindor"? Naw, those sound weird.) She both designed and printed our invites for us (hello sweet deals working in a print shop!) and I couldn't be happier! They look nice and happy and cheery and like a little party is going to happen under those two trees!

Check em out!
This is what they would look like when you pull them out of the envelope. All three (invite, RSVP postcard and directions) are standard postcard size - 6x4 - and are bundled with simple paper wraps (the blue strip).

Then we got the full invite with our info blobbed out:
The RSVP card and the mailing label side of the RSVP card:

I'm so excited to grab some stamps today, finish bundling little packages, get someone with nice handwriting to address them (my mom says if I address them they won't get there...sad...) or figure out how to print on the envelopes maybe, and send them out! Then I'm gonna grab that red pen and go check crazy on our to-do list! bam! bam! BAM!

WOO! I love productivity!

Hopefully this productivity high can carry me further down our to-do list that is hanging and taunting us on the wall. Our list is such a wienie head.

Peace, kiddos!


  1. Your invites are so awesome! I love the string of lights/garland hanging between the trees and on the RSVP. I also love the color of the trees. Your cousin did an amazing job!

  2. Those are great! I love the design and how they look all packaged together! Good luck finding someone with gaw-geous handwriting to address them! Get those puppies in the mail so everyone can see how great they are!

  3. Oh my gosh, those are so lovely! I need to find a family member who works in a print shop. Not to mention one who caters, can do calligraphy, is in a cover band, etc...

  4. Oh they look so FUN! I loooove fun invitations!

  5. These look amazing! I love the little string lights between the trees. Makes me want to dance under them all night! Having hook ups in the print shop is a good thing!

    And I too hate our weenie head to-do list, but now that's is shrinking, it looking less and less intimidating!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm super excited to have these done! And I'm excited because I think they are perfect for us.

    Now I just have to find a nice little gift for my friendor cousin because I really want to show my appreciation. According to the comments on Angie's blog on the topic of gifting friendors, booze is the top choice for gift!

  7. Those are gorgeous! I thinkt they are all the more special since you know who made them too :)

    also, booze is always the top gift!!!