Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh! I'm so excited! I had some serious thoughts to share today but they were completely wiped out by a nice little package that came in the mail for me! A necklace! WEE!!

Some of you may remember a post a while back about necklaces and other accessories. I wanted to add some color (green specifically) to my outfit and searched and searched through tons of necklaces. Lots of pretty stuff out there! But I was looking for something very specific.

In the end, I have actually purchased two candidates for my wedding necklace. And I'm going to keep both because I love them both. But I just got the second one today and I'm so happy with it and so excited that it turned out just like I hoped! Check it out!

Gorgeous, right!?!? and the absolute perfect green!

So here is how it went: I bought this string of bright green pearls
to have something classic (string of pearls) that was still fun and me (green). I get the pearls and they are beautiful, the perfect color, and just like described on the etsy listing, but it turns out sometimes I suck at reading the details of said listings and they are really small. Smaller than I expected. In other words, they don't provide the POW or impact I was hoping and instead looked kinda like a child's string of beads. So I was bummed out.

I continue my search for perrty necklaces and come across this beautiful and unique necklace on this amazing etsy shop by Galit Barak. She is awesome and agreed to incorporate my beautiful green little pearls into one of her beautiful crochet silver necklaces. I sent my little pearls all the way over to Israel, she worked her magic, and the necklace turned out better than I could have expected - its, dare I say, perfect!

Major thanks to Galit for wonderful work and for being such a doll to work with! Definitely check out her super unique jewelery - its like nothing I've ever seen before!


  1. PS click on the photo for a mondo view of the necklace...and my lips! MWAH!

  2. It's so pretty. It has a traditional nod because of the pearls, but the color gives it a great pop and the wire crochet is rad. You found a great jewelry artist for sure!

  3. so pretty! also, I love your haircut (from what I can see of it!)

  4. Agreed with Lisa, your hair is adorable! I LOVE the necklace, it looks perfect!

  5. Beautiful! It's the perfect length and although the pearls are small, they look great on the necklace and it adds an nice POW! Way to flip the switch on traditional wedding pearls and making it all you! I know I was cheering for the single pearl, but this necklace is great!

    What about the shoes? Did you choose yet or did I miss out on the reveal?

    And I third the cute hair!

  6. i love that it's somehow both dainty and POW at the same time.

  7. WOW! thank you for featuring the necklace in your blog :)
    Mazal Tov! (again...)

  8. beautiful necklace!
    and congrats :)