Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fine and Dandy

Happy Friday! And it couldn't have come soon enough! I was convinced (multiple times) that yesterday was Friday. Severely disappointing (multiple times) to find out it was not!

Anyway, as with every Friday, I got a tune for you!

There has been a lot of talk in blog land among those of us who are doing our own dance music about how hard it is to put together a versatile playlist to make a wide range of people happy. We have tons of fresh dance music on our playlist, but its mostly comprised of hip hop, club mixes and slightly techno stuff. Not quite the best to get Grandma groovin.

Plus, we are trying to stick mainly to songs that people know. Yeah, this means cutting out a lot of the quirky music that we love, but we want people to dance...not just us! And people like to dance to stuff they know! So lately I've been exploring some older music, some more slow songs (because I don't know any good slow dance songs apparently), and trying to get some variety.

So for this Friday, I'm playing an old classic and a great slow dance song. By none other than Van Morrison. This dude's got some amazing songs and I'm sure a few will make it into our playlist. For today: Someone Like You

Romantic, not too cheesy, has a nice sway, and Van's smooth voice. Enjoy!


  1. love love love this song. this is the top choice for "our song" - but not looking like we'll be doing a "our song" but if we were....

  2. "Nice sway"

    The PERFECT way to describe a slow-dancey song. (Going to need to remember that for the first dance experiments we're having.)

    And happy Friday!

  3. I love Van Morrison. Ryan went to see him a couple years ago and said it was totally ridiculous and he kept leaving! Regardless, I still love him

  4. This is a GREAT song and one I totally would've forgotten about had you not reminded us! We're dealing with the same thing...cut our favorites? Yes. Happy about it? No.

  5. That's an issue we're working on to...making the right mix of music for all parties. I want there to be a major dancing party so we've got to find something for everyone. I even have two polka songs fairly early in the night for my grandparents to dance to!

  6. Van Morrison can do no wrong. I especially love Moondance.