Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Felicity

Happy Friday, friends! I have a great band and a great song and a great video to share on this Friday. While I'm at it, I'm going to make this another double. Because its Sigur Ros and they are magic in my ear. The songs for today: Hippipolla and Glosoli.

The songs alone are great, with such emotion in them, but then add some beautiful story telling in the videos and they just capture me completely. Good luck not getting lost in these. Oh, and can I just say how cute all the people are in these? Both the adorable elderly and the adorable children. Loves it.

Sigur Ros has a special place in my heart. They make up a significant portion of the soundtrack to the beginning of our relationship when we would stay up late together listening. Often not talking much, just letting the music speak for itself. We were just enthralled with each other and happy enough staring into each others eyes.

This was also when I saw that certain look start to come across his face. I'd ask, as innocently as I could, "Whatcha thinkin?" and he'd say, "Oh, just enjoying the music" with a little shy smile. But I knew what he wanted to say was "I love you".*

So thats what I think of when I listen to Sigur Ros. I'm also hoping to find an appropriate song from them to have our first dance too.** Their music is just pure emotion and I'd love to think of both of our 'beginnings' when I hear them: the beginning of our relationship and the beginning of our marriage.***

See you next week!

*all together now! "Aawwwww"
**any suggestions? The tricky part is knowing what they are singing about - I'd like to avoid sad lyrics. Also, a lot of their songs start really quiet and then built into a crazy crescendo and aren't quite the typical pace for a slow dance. Maybe I just have to expand my dance song boundaries?
***Again! "


  1. Yes! Expand those dance boundaries! Very excited to hear what you two will pick.

    Sigur Ros is AMAZING. His voice is ridiculous. I don't even know what he's saying and I love it! Have you heard his solo stuff?

    Also, I had to post about your love post just so I could share it with everyone. Freaking A right it was awesome.

  2. Definitely AWW! We're between that song and another for me to walk down the aisle to! (Hoppipolla) I just love it! Thanks for sharing some Sigur Ros, they deserve all the attention they can get.

  3. oh, walking down the aisle would be a great spot for Sigur Ros! I like it!