Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I wanna be perty!

One of the things on my list of to dos is to go browse the beauty section at Target Boutique. I'm thinking of a cleanser, some whitener for my pearl yellows, spiffy eye shadow, foundation, and waterproof mascara.

But why? My daily beauty routine is to rinse my face off. That's it. Maybe moisturize. And then when I'm going out and want to feel fancy I throw on some mascara, a little eye liner and a touch of eye shadow. Very minimal. With the wedding looming, though, I feel like I need to do something special for that day.

I am going to talk to my friend who does magic with makeup and try to find some extremely minimal products to give me a little shining up on the day of...but I want to make sure to look like my normal self. Just a really great version of my normal self!

So less products...more natural beauty! To help enhance my natural beauty, I'm trying to remember a few instant beauty tricks:
  • Smile! This is the quickest, easiest, bestest way to bring out your natural beauty. Plus, its contagious! So you will be helping to make everyone else beautiful as well! Aren't you nice!
  • Stand up straight! Again, super quick and easy and will immediately improve your look.
  • Arms off your sides! Many of us are worried about the dreaded fat arm photos. Its a hard problem to avoid. But instead of trying to lose enough weight to take arm flab off and then buff up arms to look toned (even though women develop muscle in a way that looks like fat, I say just learn your angles and keep your arms off your sides instead! That will keep them from squishing against your side and looking mondo sized!
  • Be confident! Look in the dictionary because confidence and beauty are side by side. They pretty much mean the same thing. So laugh, smile, be yourself and know that you rock!
Thats it. You just read the secrets to beauty! Great, huh? No more need for magazines or commercials telling you all the stuff you need to be beautiful - cuz you already got it! WIN!

Image via sushla


  1. Yay! This post made me feel all good about myself! I want to hit up the Target make up aisles too!

    And if your friend has any suggestions on sweat-proof stuff that doesn't feel like paste, please share!

  2. Confidence and Beauty togetha woot foreva woot! Sweat proof is certainly a concern. Have found some wedding photos on venue website galleries where the couple is sweat in all the photos AND there's clear "foundation colored sweat drips" on her wedding gown! AY-CARUMBA! Can't wait to see what you two come up with!

  3. totally love this post! it never ceases to amaze me how much standing up straight can change your appearance!

  4. @Angie and Lizzie - woah, I didn't even think about sweat-proof! and foundation colored sweat drips sound awful! eeek!

    @Tamar - totally! and at a whopping six feet tall, I really have to work at it! I'm always shrinking down to bring myself down to other people's levels. I'm gonna give someone that job for the day - nudge me if I'm slouching!

  5. Hells yeah, I need to remember these things. I have a slouching problem that I've tried to break. It just keeps returning. I really want to just look like myself, with just a tiny more makeup than usual too. Compared to some ladies, I think my face is going to be quite bare. But I think I'm going to try to find some white eyeshadow or eyeliner to rim my inner eye. I've been hearing good things about that.